Get up. Stand up. Let’s get in the fight.


The cannabis industry exists to help people.

Let's ELEVATE those who need the help the most.


We are the Cannabis Industry

With all the disasters going on today we felt the need to stand up and help out.  


Why We're Doing This

You know what's going on, you want to help but don't know where to begin. Disaster Releaf has made it easy through our network of cannabis professionals around the world to effectively pinpoint the most reputable organizations for donation distribution. 

We see a need to reach beyond the "bubble" and make an impact starting with Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  1/3 of the donations will go to Texas and Harvey relief and 2/3 will go to Florida and the surrounding islands including Puerto Rico effected by Irma.  Let's show them what we can do when we come together!   

We have teamed up with and the DoingGood Foundation (a registered 501c3) to make this even easier!  Many people from cannabis companies in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Colorado and California are notifying us which local efforts are already happening so we can maximize getting help for those needing support, please stay tuned for more info! 

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$1,000 and/or in-kind support

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  • Highly Aware - Self Defense
  • Canopy Boulder

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